Because medicine in general has been radically transformed, largely due to the technological revolution in recent years, the Imaging Services area is where we see a large part of these technological advances.

This is why at Hospital CIMA Hermosillo emphasized on the acquisition of equipment with these new technologies, counting on equipment with state-of-the-art technology, such as:
  • GE Precision Rxi Fluoroscopy Equipment which allows up to 15 frames per second, with which we can perform contrasted studies in a totally dynamic way.
  • Conventional radiology equipment GE XR 6000, to take any type of radiography.
  • Mammography equipment with Siemens Mamommat digital technology, to carry out high quality studies, as well as markings if necessary.
  • All digitized by Carestream's Direct View Elite CR equipment, allowing us to enter the digital age with great image quality.
  • 1.5 Tesla Phillips Intera Resonance Equipment, equipped to carry out studies of different parts of the body, both simple and contrasted.
  • GE Light Speed VCT Tomography Equipment, with 64 detectors, which allows us to perform simple studies of the entire anatomy as well as angiography and cardiac studies, as well as volumetric and third-dimensional analyzes.
  • Phillips IU22 and EPIQ5 ultrasound equipment to perform general ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound, with high frequency transducers. We also have Phillips CX50 portable ultrasound equipment to perform ultrasound in any area, which also serves as a backup for any contingency.
All these equipment supported by Carestream's RIS & PACS system, pioneers in the northwest of the country, with a backup server for images, as well as 24-hour support from engineers. We also have real-time displays in the different hospital services: Emergency, ICU, NICU, Operating Room and Hospitalization. As well as the consultation of studies remotely by requesting Physicians.

As short and medium term projects we have contemplated the acquisition of Magnetic Resonance and the remodeling of the area, being projected for a better and greater functionality.

Although technology is important for us, the human and medical aspect is fundamental, for this reason Hospital CIMA Hermosillo has a group of Radiologists.

This group is made up of highly experienced Radiologists, all of them Certified by the Radiology and Imaging Council; likewise with Sub-specialty and / or special training. This group in turn integrates new Radiologists thus strengthening their work team day by day.

The Team of Doctors is made up of:

  • ­Dr. Jorge Espinosa Astiazarán
  • Dr. Armando González Armendáriz
  • Dr. Orlando Morales Ballesteros
  • Dr. José Antillón Valenzuela
  • Dr. Ignacio Antillón Valenzuela

We also have a group of radiological technicians, nursing personnel, all of them graduates at the university level, and highly qualified administrative personnel in their functions.

For more information call: (662) 259 0900 Ext. 1200.