From the moment the baby is born, he or she is treated in a special radiant thermal cradle for advanced resuscitation to the newborn that requires it, this cradle has the necessary material and equipment for this procedure.

It is essential for all of our staff to promote and encourage mom’s and newborns’ joint accommodation as well as breastfeeding, providing information, training and support from the nursing staff.

There is extreme care and safety in all the moving that the baby makes inside the hospital, always transporting the newborn in a crib and being accompanied by a nurse and a security guard.

This area in addition to the nursery has:

  • NICU intensive care unit.
  • Face-to-face Neonatologist.


CIMA Hermosillo Hospital has a Neonatal Intensive Care unit for the newborn that requires special care and high risk. Constantly being monitored by specialized nurses and night guards with certified Neonatologists to attend any eventuality that may arise, along with a program of stimulation and rehabilitation by physiotherapists to all our children in neonatal care.

In this unit we have:

  • Double supply of energy and oxygen.
  • Air and vacuum, incubators and thermal cradles.
  • Vital sign monitor.
  • Ventilators for respiratory support specially designed for children.
  • Infusion pumps for the supply of medicines, solutions and food.
  • Neonatologist on-call and specialized nurse in intensive care for newborns.