In the Pediatric Service of CIMA Hermosillo Hospital we have Medical staff and Nurses specialized in pediatric patient care, ranging ages from newborns to 18 years old.

We serve children and teenagers with neurological, gastrointestinal, surgical, orthopedic, urological, oncological and infectious diseases, to name a few. For this we have support teams, laboratory studies and the latest technology cabinet suitable for each age; besides having a nutrition service that adapts its menus according to the tastes and ages of our patients without neglecting their nutrition.

The most important thing is that the personnel assigned to pediatric patients is sensitive and knows the special needs of the children and teenagers they take care of, without forgetting the support their parents require. that has experience in liver transplantation in an infant, and thanks to the work that is done jointly between this area and INCOR CIMA (CIMA Heart Institute), we also have the medical and technological equipment necessary to attend congenital heart disease surgeries and catheterization procedures, among others.

The Pediatrics team supports the Happy Faces Program year after year, carried out thanks to the hardworking of volunteers from CIMA.