At CIMA Hermosillo Hospital we have surgical facilities with the most modern technology that allows our group of expert surgeons to perform high complexity procedures efficiently and safely 24 hours a day.

Our operating rooms, Suites, unique in Mexico, facilitate all types of surgical interventions with an emphasis on minimally invasive surgeries, ensuring that our patients have a speedy recovery and reintegration into their normal lives. The length of stay in the hospital depends on the type of surgery performed, however with the use of modern technology many patients return home faster than expected, with better recovery.

Our commitment to safety is very important, so once you enter your identity will be verified several times, the procedure to be performed, the surgical site where the procedure will be performed (eg if it is on the left or right side), the name of the doctor, the presence of the complete surgical team and the necessary supplies. This is a universal protocol called "time out" or "surgical pause" that seeks to ensure that everything is done safely.

Hospital, the following information will help you understand your surgical experience from the beginning of your surgical preparation to planning your return home.

All patients scheduled for surgery must register at the admission desk, which is located right at the entrance of the hospital.

A family member or friend can wait with you in the pre-surgical area; however, in the recovery area, a family member or a friend is only authorized to accompany you for a brief moment.

Before the procedure, you will have the opportunity to speak with your anesthesiologist in the pre-surgical area. Tell him if you have had problems with any type of anesthesia in the past. Your anesthesiologist will explain the recommended type of anesthesia.

At the moment in which your intermediate consents are collected both from anesthesia and from your surgery to be performed, each of the doctors, surgeons, and anesthesiologists will explain the risks and benefits of each of your interventions in your care.

After the surgery, the patient will remain in the recovery room for a couple of hours, the patient will be monitored by doctors and nurses until the anesthetic effects pass, later that patient will be taken to his or her room or will be discharged in the case of outpatient procedures.

General preparation

Your surgeon will let you know if you may need a blood transfusion during surgery and he or she will give you instructions regarding the donation of blood and its components. 

Be sure to give your doctor information about all the other doctors who are seeing you and all the medications you take, including aspirin and other over-the-counter medications, such as vitamins, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. 

Aspirin tends to decrease blood clotting capabilities. Follow your doctor's instructions to drop off these and/or  herbal medications, before surgery. It is very important that you follow the instructions your doctor has given you regarding eating, drinking fluids, and taking your medications. If these indications are not followed, surgery may be postponed to prevent damage to your health. 

We request that you stop smoking at least two weeks before the surgery. CIMA Hospital, as a health-promoting institution, is a hospital for non-smokers. Therefore patients, visitors, and staff should abstain from smoking anywhere within the facility.

Recommendations to enter the operating room:

  • Do not apply any kind of makeup on the face (nor mascara).
  • Do not use lotion on body, only on face.
  • Do not apply perfume, lotions, talcum powder.
  • Do not bring valuable things (jewelry, money, etc.).
  • Remove any type of earring or piercings.
  • Remove contact lenses