Terapia Intensiva
It is a unit in which a multidisciplinary group is in the care of the critically ill patient to solve the problems in which they go to this specialized unit.

The intensive care unit of Hospital CIMA is a highly specialized unit that currently has 6 individual cubicles in which each patient has their private space, there are 4 intermediate care beds, for those patients who do not require management intensive care.

It has the technological resources according to the time in which we are living, to guarantee high-quality care.

The medical team is made up of specialist doctors in charge of care and surveillance 24 hours a day, every day of the week, as well as highly trained nursing staff as well as support from the different areas that are linked to care.

In the intensive care unit of Hospital CIMA we are concerned not only with the medical care for which there is continuous medical training in order to be updated day by day, but also the areas in which we are has a lot of attention on patient safety, such as some departments or committees, such as drug surveillance, intra-hospital infections, as well as many other areas that are involved in the best care and always be within international quality standards, for which it is found with such training for continuous improvement.