When the kidneys fail, the patient can only live with a treatment that replaces the renal function: dialysis or transplantation. 

Hemodialysis is a dialysis modality. "Hemo" means blood and "dialysis" means cleaning process, therefore, the term "Hemodialysis" designates the process that cleans the blood. 

Hemodialysis does some of the things usually done by a normal kidney, such as: removing extra water from the body and eliminating waste products from the body that have accumulated in the blood. 

Hemodialysis is usually done in a dialysis center and CIMA Hermosillo Hospital has a team and highly qualified nursing staff to handle this type of treatment. 

To be able to perform this treatment it is necessary to have a vascular access, there are temporary accesses known as catheters and permanent accesses known as fistulas or grafts. 

During the sessions of Hemodialysis, an "artificial kidney" or hemodialysis machine is used, which uses a pump that extracts the blood from the organism through the vascular access and uses special lines to pass the blood through a filter or "dialyzer". The blood returns "clean" to the body, only a small amount of blood stays out of the body.