Hand washing:

It is very important to wash your hands when entering and leaving the room, whenever you visit a patient, for the welfare of the patient and his family.

Information about surgical patients:

  • The attending physician will inform you about the approximate time that the surgery will last and once it is concluded, the relatives will be located and will be informed the results of the surgery and the patient's immediate state.              
  • For your calmness and if you wish, you can request information about surgery delay in the information module located at the entrance of the hospital, as well as in the admission modules or emergency reception.

Patient health information:

  • Patient information about their physical condition, probable or confirmed diagnoses, required care and planned treatment will be provided by the treating physician. He or she will also inform you about the results, care and treatments.
  • The information will be provided before the admission if it is scheduled, or at the time of admission if it is an emergency.
  • Daily and when you require it, the attending physician will be informing about the evolution of the patient and any changes to the care plan.

Information about your account:

The information about your account status or your insurance procedure will be dealt directly with the admission department when you need it.


The handling of patient data is completely confidential, we have policies and procedures that guarantee confidentiality according to laws and official regulations. Data is protected against loss or improper use at all times.