Supporting the care of patients, their families and visitors, we have an Epidemiology Department, which guides us in infection prevention measures, such as the use of precaution cards, indicating the Hospitalization area is dedicated to diagnosis and specialized medical-surgical treatment of the illnesses of our patients. Our main objective is to provide confidence and security to those who favor us with their preference (doctor, patient and family), providing comprehensive service and patient care 24 hours a day, for this we have the physical structure, equipment and resources human needed.

Hospital CIMA Hermosillo makes 41 rooms available; the first level has 20 census beds: 3 suites, each with a reception room for visitors and a private bathroom, and 17 standard rooms, one of them equipped for the management of isolated patients due to infectious and contagious diseases. On this floor, we also have a space to provide outpatient treatments.

The second level has 21 census beds distributed in: 3 suites, 1 room for transplant patients that meets the infrastructure characteristics for this purpose; anteroom with the hand-washing area, living room for the nursing staff with a view to the patient's room, positive pressure in the ventilation systems, sanitary curves in the patient's room, and 17 standard rooms; one of them equipped with protected walls for the care of patients with treatment based on radiopharmaceuticals, has all the necessary measures for the control of infections associated with health care.

On both floors of Hospitalization, there is an area for the storage and preparation of medications that meet the asepsis requirements necessary for their safe handling, a central for nursing with computer equipment and communication systems that includes the call of the patient from her room (nurse-call).