The nursing department of CIMA Hermosillo Hospital, dynamic and continuously evolving towards continuous improvement, is made up of 195 nurses with the necessary accreditations and skills to offer specific care based on the health and well-being needs of users. Nurses with specialization courses in: surgical nursing, intensive care, pediatrics, maternal and child, neurology and cardiology, possess skills that are diversified in all areas and activities related to health matters.

Mission of the Nursing Department 

Provide specific nursing care to the health and well-being needs of our patients, with competent personnel committed to their professional development, which bases their interventions on quality and safety standards with high ethical and human value.

Vision of the Nursing Department

Be leaders in the management of patient care, and obtain total customer satisfaction and integral benefit to the community, with staff that obtains an employment that provides prestige, pride, professional development and challenge.

Staff of the Department

  • Lic. Leticia Gámez Blanco. - Director of Nursing
  • Mr. Julio Montaño Villegas. – Vice Director of Nursing
  • Lic. Andrea Mann Figueroa. - Coordinator of the Surgical Area
  • Lic. Ana Luisa Franco Yánez. - Nursing supervisor
  • Lic. Marisela Villegas Tánori - Nursing Supervisor
  • Lic. Guadalupe Escalante Romero. - Nursing supervisor
  • Lic. Alma Nidia Lopez. - Nursing supervisor
  • Enf. ASE. Beatriz Corona Guzmán. - Nursing supervisor